Lilly Singh mocks Disney+ ‘outdated cultural depictions’ warnings for racist movies

The YouTube and late-night TV comedian took issue with Disney’s euphemistic phrasing

Lilly Singh lampooned Disney+’s disclaimer that certain older movies include “outdated cultural depictions” on her NBC show.

The YouTube and late-night TV comedian took issue with Disney’s euphemistic phrasing – pointing out that the warning is really about the “racist” tropes in decades-old movies that were made for kids.

Disney+ includes “a bunch of classic cartoons that come from a time before anyone cared about – how do I put this lightly? – being racist,” Singh said in a segment on A Little Late with Lilly Singh Thursday Nov 21 night. She cited the crows in Dumbo and the jazz-club cats in The Aristocats.

Singh, who is Indian-Canadian, added sarcastically, “‘Outdated’: because we all know racism is dead in 2019, right? I mean, just check my YouTube comments.”

Singh offered a tongue-in-cheek list of other warnings Disney+ should add to its catalogue: Sleeping Beauty (“Warning: I can’t believe I have to tell you this, but kissing a passed-out woman is illegal and terrible”); The Lion King (“Warning: This movie depicts gay uncles as backstabbing murderers”); The Princess And The Frog (“Warning: Do not adjust colour on screen. Princess is actually black”); and Frozen (“Warning: Contains songs that will completely ruin parents’ lives”).

Singh, a longtime YouTuber who originally called her channel “||SuperWoman||,” replaced Carson Daly in the later-night slot (after The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon) with the fall 2019 season. A Little Late With Lilly Singh airs Monday-Thursday at 1.30am ET on NBC.

Disney+, which launched in the US, Canada and the Netherlands on Nov 12 – to crushing demand – includes the “outdated cultural depictions” warning on certain older films, including the original DumboThe AristocatsLady And The Tramp and Jungle Book.

“This programme is presented as originally created,” the message says. “It may contain outdated cultural depictions.”

Meanwhile, the 1946 Disney musical film Song Of The South is not available on Disney+ – and it hasn’t been available in any form for more than three decades, because of its racist depictions of African-Americans.


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