KPJ Damansara presents ‘Komala is Cursed’ video this Deepavali

KPJ Damansara hospital celebrates Deepavali with Komala auntie, a rather familiar, nosy and intrusive character that is prevalent in many cultures and communities.

Komala swallows a bitter pill when she has to be hospitalised for being the nasty, insensitive person she is as she loses her ‘colour’ and becomes black and white in this appealing and thought provoking ad.

The ad’s creative director, Your Maker agency’s Lee Tak Shune said that KPJ wanted to be little different and gave the agency a free rein to come up with the concept which was really a great chance to put this wonderful message across.

“Selling a hospital as a brand can be a little tricky to weave into any story. It was a good challenge and it worked well. We came up with a film that resonates not just with Indian culture despite the fact that it was Indian centric and in keeping with the Deepavali theme. Just about every culture has such a character and many people have encountered this sort of person in their life.

“We wanted to to portray the Deepavali theme but at the same time put across something that is Malaysian and will resonate with everyone. In addition we had to deal with sensitive issues such as skin colour, domestic violence and social status. Things that do occur in the community and can be appreciated by many others as well.

“We are glad we managed to pull these topics off as it’s not always easy to do. We also spoke to the Indian community and families on various issues and vetted several scripts amongst ourselves in coming up with this storyline.

“At the same time we wanted to celebrate ‘Malaysian ness’ and also be careful and respectful of KPJ’s reputation as a hospital. It took about a month for the entire process from the script to the finished product.

“Reservoir Production, which is the production house did a good job with choosing the leads both of whom are seasoned actors, namely the character of Komala and her husband, ” said Lee.

Agency: Your Maker

ECD: Shune

Executive Producer: Sher

Account Management Head: Denise Chuang

Reservoir Productions

Director: Hadi Hamid

Assistant Director: Soh Chia Lok

Executive Producer: Ryan Khoo

Producer: Tang Sze Kay

Production Assistant: Cheah Cai En

Director of Photography: Tan Chee Yang

1st Cam Assistant: Huang Chun Fei

2nd Cam Assistant: Wong Kha Joe & Ng Chun Hoong

DIT: Dixon Yoong

Gaffer: Cheong Sau Pan

Best Boy: Chen Shu Kam

Crew: Chu Ka Yoong

Crew: Ng Wei Le

Equipment House: VantaZwart

Art Director: Ng Yen Han

Art Assistant: Violette Lo

Art Assistant: Nick Woon

Art Assistant: Dixon Yoong

Art Assistant: How Mei Ai

Live Sound Recording: How Mei Ai

Makeup Artist: Yuki Ng

Offline Editor: Soh Chia Lok

Online Editor: Dixon Yoong

Roto Team: Violette Lo, Lau Wei Kai, Lim Xiang King, Nathanael Sanjeevi, Willie Ong, Soh Chia Lok, Tang Sze Kay, Cheah Chai En,

Colour Grader: Setyo Wibowo

Music Composer: Farique Nadzir

Talent: Braima Sivagnanam, Mogan Chandra, Dr Mohan Raj

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