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The future of B2B customer experience can be summed up in two words: digital transformation.

The move to digital has been a long time coming in the B2B space, and it has the power to completely change how clients interact with brands and run their businesses.

According to Forbes, research has found that B2B companies that successful master digital transformation have 8% more shareholder returns and five times more revenue growth than their peers.

Those staggering numbers show the power of digital transformation in creating successful, future-proof B2B companies.

Simply put, B2B digital transformation involves using digital solutions to streamline processes and improve the customer experience.

B2B digital transformation looks different for each company but often involves updating systems, finding digital solutions and creating a cohesive omni-channel experience both internally and externally.

The best B2B digital transformations consider customer needs and how they can be met with technology for a seamless experience.

In order for B2B companies to fully leverage digital transformation, there must be buy-in from top leadership.

Digital transformation is only successful if everyone in the company is on board.

In many organizations, it requires a complete culture shift to find customer-facing digital solutions.

Focusing on the financial benefits of digital transformation can help get many leaders on board.

Digital transformation is the future of B2B customer experience. Companies that don’t join the transformation run the very real risk of getting left behind.

Customers want simple, digital solutions and will move to companies that provide those seamless experiences.

Digital transformation looks different at every B2B company, but the principles are the same: find digital solutions to streamline internal and external processes, get rid of red tape and create a powerful, frictionless experience.

When it comes to B2B Marketing, Marketing Magazine Malaysia will like to take this opportunity to announce that Hando Sinisalu, will be conducting a special B2B Conference on the 21st of August 2019.



In this hands-on workshop, Hando will analyse, deconstruct and construct your company’s digital presence as well as offer inspirational ideas from B2B brands, who have managed to produce content with real business results. 

There will be Award-winning B2B Marketing case study examples from all over the world!

Anyone with existing responsibility for developing digital advertising campaigns and looking to take their knowledge to the next level.

This includes Brand Managers, Marketing Managers, Digital Marketing Managers, Campaign Managers, Strategic Planners, Creative Professionals, Media Planners and Buyers as well.

The case studies will be from the following sectors:

  • IT service providers
  • Software companies
  • Financial services
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Business consultancy services

Some of the brands that will be featured in the case studies.

For Example: 

Obsession for Smoothness by Double A & SPA-HAKUHODO (Japan) Machine Conversations by KONE & hasan and partners (Finland)  Finlandia by Forest Machines by NESTE, PONSSE & Kurio (Finland)  Business Facelift by Mastercard & McCann Worldgroup (Poland)   Paradise Found by SAS & Cheil Worldwide (Germany) 

And many more! 

A Few Points To Remember About This Workshop!

1) THIS IS NOT YOUR TRADITIONAL WORKSHOP An innovative hybrid between training, consultation and creative brainstorming.

2) CONSULTATION As a result of a highly personalised approach, each delegate will get practical advice on how to improve their content marketing. 

3) CREATIVE BRAINSTORMING Working as a creative team and sourcing from an extensive case study base, Hando will guide the group towards producing actionable marketing ideas. 

4) FINALLY, You will leave with a clear marketing action plan for your company. 


DATE: 21 August 2019

VENUE: Ballroom Eastin Hotel

Tel : (+603) 2089 3688 TIME : 8.30 AM – 5.30 PM

ADMISSION FEES : *1 Delegate – RM1,650* per pax*5 or more – RM1,500* per pax  * plus 6% SST

For more information on the event, click here for the registration kit.

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The APPIES is an annual event that presents a rare opportunity for creative, media, digital and marketing agencies or brands to present their best campaigns to the industry.

This is the only event where Live Presentations meets Live Judging.

Similar to TED Talks, The APPIES is the chance for great presenters with outstanding work to show it off to some of the industry’s most important industry leaders.

This year’s winners will receive Gold, Silver or Bronze trophies for 21 categories, and 6 special Best of Best categories (red trophies) that require no submissions!

Campaign entries must have run between June 2023 to May 2024

Submissions Deadline
30th June 2024

APPIES Festival – Judging & Presentations
11th – 12th July 2024 (Malaysia)


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