Experts’ Choice Awards Merdeka 2020 top 10 winners: Perodua

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Perodua’s Merdeka film shows how great challenges  have given rise to greater strength 

Most would agree that 2020 has been, by and large, a  year to forget. With the long, dark shadow of COVID-19  looming over the nation, this period has been challenging  time for many. 

However, great heroes are born in times of great  adversity. Perodua’s Merdeka music video, titled “Musibah  Membawa Hikmah”, reminds us how unity can bring forth  amazing strength and resilience despite seemingly  overwhelming odds.  

The video is inspired by the true stories of bravery, self sacrifice and love around the nation, and acknowledges  the herculean efforts required by frontliners, citizens and  the government in battling this pandemic. It features an  entirely original composition and stars Marsha Milan. 

Perodua’s Musibah  Membawa Hikmah is among the top 10 Merdeka TVCs chosen by experts. To watch the full list of winners, click here.

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