Experts’ Choice Awards Merdeka 2020 top 10 winners: Digi

Digi brings out the ‘Kita Buatan Malaysia’ pride in every Malaysian

As Malaysians celebrated Merdeka and Malaysia Day mid-pandemic, Digi reflected on the year that went by fast. The brand heralded Malaysia’s frontliners who went the distance and lauded the strength of those  who found new means to keep livelihoods on track. 

While the adversity faced by each of us may differ in magnitude, it is the same spirit and  principles that keep us going. To simply put it, Malaysians share similar values and traits that  have been passed on for generations. The determination, resilience, diversity, passion to  succeed, and to never give up exist in each of us who are ‘made in Malaysia’. These are the  trademarks of being a Malaysian that are clearly demonstrated by our local businesses, as they  fight to survive these challenging times. 

“Every decision to buy local is a choice to support and trust the brands that have come to life in our own backyards and in line with this year’s  Merdeka theme of Malaysia Prihatin, and the ‘Kita Buatan Malaysia’ spirit we wanted to honour our  homegrown businesses who have all persevered in these uncertain times,” said Digi’s Head of Marketing Services, Bernard Lee. “By helping to  digitalise their businesses, we provided opportunities for their brands to be discovered by new customers across Malaysia and other parts of the world without having to invest in an online presence.” 

Digi through its ‘Kita Buatan Malaysia’ campaign brought to life by Naga DDB Tribal and Mojo  Films, aims to ignite national pride and rally Malaysians to support homegrown businesses by  leveraging on digital technology. Through a collaboration with Shopee, a digital platform has 

been designed and curated for local brands to market themselves and capitalise on business  with a digital edge. 

“Patriotism and support comes  from a place of love so by highlighting the traits Malaysians see in themselves, as the very same  traits that go into Malaysian-made products, we develop a new-found love for local products,” said Naga DDB Tribal’s Creative Director, Ellison Fernandez. “In  this way, we made championing local the focus rather than just a matter of support and the line that somewhat sparked the idea was ‘Tak kenal maka tak cinta’”. 

Digi’s ‘Kita Buatan Malaysia’ is among the top 10 Merdeka TVCs chosen by experts. To watch the full list of winners, click here.

Watch Digi’s film here:


Brand: Digi

Head of Marketing: Bernard Lee

Marketing managers: Lo Wei Tzen & Nisha Maniam

Agency: Naga DDB Tribal

Production House: Mojo Films

Creative Director: Ellison Fernandez

Art Director: Lim Poh Yeng

Copywriter: Audrey Wong

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