Editors pick: Top 3 April Fools pranks by brands that tricked us

1. Starbucks Malaysia

Advertised as a dish close to every Malaysian’s heart with a new twist, Starbucks Malaysia yesterday posted the image above with the title “coming soon”. While the idea of being able to get a venti sized nasi lemak along with your morning coffee seems like a fantastic idea, the coffeehouse company later revealed that it was in fact an April Fool’s joke and reminded Malaysians that they can still opt to get coconut milk in their coffee when looking for a milk alternative.

2. Subway Malaysia

“We know you like eating fresh, but how about feeling fresh?” Subway Malaysia teased in a Facebook post last night announcing the launch of 7 Super Fresh Daily Face Wash. As fun as this sounds, the brand unfortunately later revealed that it was an April Fool’s prank. Although Super Fresh Daily Face Washes don’t exist, super fresh ingredients are available at Subway as they used this prank to launch “Daily Faves” a new promotion for customers to purchase their favourite subs and burrito at only RM9.90 today.

3. myBurgerLab

myBurgerLab is not only known for cooking up some of the juiciest, most delicious and non-conventional burgers in Malaysia but also for its fun social media engagement, especially through its Instagram page which has more than 50,000 followers. Last night, the burger joint announced that new merchandise will be #cummingsoon in the form of 3 aptly named condom flavours. While “In & Out”, “Beautiful Mess” and “Juicy Lucy” are all creative names for condom flavours, based on the comments on the restaurant’s Instagram page, it seems most likely that it will remain a clever idea and nothing more. Perhaps Durex will gasp at these brilliant flavour names and collaborate with myBurgerLab for a new line of sausage wrappers?

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