Connecting generations together with YES

3 years ago

YES’s  festive video tells a heartwarming tale of connecting 3 generations together 
YTL Communications’ 4G brand YES has launched a festive video titled “Three Generations” to inspire Malaysians to reconnect with the importance of family togetherness and to uphold time-honoured traditions.
Brand ambassadors Jack Lim and Neelofa star in this feel-good, light-hearted reunion tale.
The story shows how through the wonders of the Internet, the older generation is able to outsmart the younger generation into attending a family reunion dinner. Inspired by the cinematic Kung Fu movies and interlaced with light-hearted humour, the story opens up with a fuming grandfather storming out of the house after learning that his three grandsons may not attend the reunion dinner.

His search for them is punctuated with sleek martial arts moves and a good dose of comic relief as he rounds them up one by one. The story ends on a happy note with the grandfather revealing how he managed to track down his three grandsons and how a reunion dinner is only as complete as the family.
“As a YES brand ambassador, I am honoured to be part of a brand that cares for everyone including the older generation, who are often left forgotten in the changing times,” said Jack Lim.
He also shared that his New Year’s Resolutions included spending more quality time with his family despite his hectic work schedule.
Neelofa, who has a special appearance in the video, echoed Jack Lim’s sentiments about spending time with the loved ones.
“I am also inspired by YES’ commitment to bring positivity and that has motivated me to be a better person in all aspects,” said Neelofa.
As a brand that cares, YES wants to go beyond the festive content and create awareness among the audience on remembering their parents, and that despite the generation gap, parents and senior members of the family can fit in their increasingly Internet-driven lifestyle.