Brands rise up to the "crispy rendang" challenge

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Chicken rendang be crispy enough?
Zaleha Kadir Olpin’s elimination from Masterchef UK made international headlines after Malaysians caught wind of the fact that the judges Gregg Wallace called her chicken rendang not ‘crispy’ enough.
“The chicken skin isn’t crispy, it can’t be eaten,” said Gregg to Saleha, when she presented her nasi lemak and chicken rendang to the panel of judges. Of course, this led to much horror to every Malaysian.
And of course, brands couldn’t resist joining the “crispy rendang” marketing challenge.

1.  Spade’s Burger

Everyone’s favourite burger joint, Spade’s Burger joined in the “crispy rendang” fun by introducing their new creation, the Crispy Rendang Chicken Burger.

2. Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines took the opportunity to post their in-flight nasi lemak meal that comes with a side of original, not “crispy” rendang.

3. Agrobank

Agrobank posted that they had no secret recipe for a “crispy chicken rendang” but instead held the recipe to how to expand your business.

4. Marrybrown

Marrybrown took a new take on “chicken rendang” by introducing their “non-rendang crispy chicken” much to everyone’s amusement.

5. Secret Recipe
While all other brands tried to come up with their own take on “crispy chicken rendang”, Secret Recipe decided to bring in their crispy chicken rice.

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