Blog on Raw Points enters Book of Records

Long Yun Siang and Roar Point Chief Operating Officer Ng Wan Hoon with the MBR award for Longest Running Business Blog

When CEO of brand consultancy firm Roar Point Sdn Bhd, Long Yun Siang, decided to start a blog on Valentine’s Day in 2011 it was intended to be a voice for people in the industry.

Beginning his advertising career in the 90s Long, as he is popularly known, has close to 30 years of experience in multinational agencies so he had a lot to say and has not stopped sharing his thoughts every single working day in his blog called “Raw Points”.

“I try to give a different perspective. But I also try to inspire and get people to think differently each time. So, the blog usually starts with a seemingly simple question but answered in a very different way; one might say, in an unexpected way. Then it ends with another question,” says Long.

He blogs about motivation “which sometimes borders on being a rant”, marketing, branding, advertising, entrepreneurialism and business.

“Sometimes it is about attitude, work ethics, consumers, clients and whatever that comes to mind. Who says a marketing blog has to be just about marketing? In many senses, they are raw points to be digested and absorbed as thoughts and reflections for the businessperson.”

Long has been so prolific with his blog that he was recently recognised by the Malaysia Book of Records as being the “Longest Running Business Blog”.

Quoting Nietzsche, asking straightforward questions and challenging conventional dogma, Long has been relentlessly working on his blog for every single working day since he began in 2011.

“I don’t think I am a writer. I write to think. Writing clarifies my thoughts and makes me sharper in my thinking. I hope this benefit cascades to my readers as well.”

“To me, a good consultant can give you answers, but an excellent consultant inspires you to question better. That is ultimately what I want to impart. Ask good questions and find better ways to resolve them.”

He is also a prolific writer and is the author of the books “Rethink Your Marketing Questions And Answers” and “500 Questions to Inspire a Better Marketing Plan.”

When he isn’t ranting on his blog, Long and his team at Roar Point offer their clients consultancy on marketing and branding solutions, from how to start a brand and giving it a name to creating a logo and bringing the brand to life to marketing it. He conducts monthly Marketing and Branding Accelerator Masterclass to upskill SMEs and industry practitioners.

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