Creative ad man pens landmark book

This piece was first published in MARKETING WEEKENDER Issue 351


I have known Paul Loosley for a good part of three decades and have admired his amazing creative accomplishments in the advertising industry. 

While we became very good friends over the years, I have always remained his fan. 

He is a tenacious and talented writer and always keeps himself busy crafting ground-breaking work. I have never (ever) seen Paul idle. 

He will try everything, from learning how to speaking Punjabi to playing the sitar, and startling unsuspecting waiters with his London-laced Malay. 

Paul is a born perfectionist in every sense of the word, and sometimes this can fray the nerves of those who assume they know better.

What they don’t realise is that he has read all the books and researched all the libraries before he opens his mouth or pens his thoughts. 

He wrote tirelessly and regularly for our magazine delighting more than 30,000 readers with his biting narrative dealing with industry issues with brutal honesty. 

As a fellow writer, Paul and I do not suffer fools and this could be a good thing or bad. But we’d like to assume it is all good. 

The thing I admire most about Paul is that he has an opinion and stands his ground on what he believes is in. 

With his experience across Asia, he has a rich tapestry of tales that will flow with the tide across the pages of this book.

You will love his turn of phrases, an irreverent trait which has become his hallmark and matched only by his addiction to Indian food. 

Especially, my mother’s cooking. 

In fact, in between his countless yet-to-be-completed projects, he kick-started my early biography setting a blistering pace and the book will probably see the light of day come next Chinese New Year.

Meanwhile, Paul’s witty conversations (dished out best over fine Indian cuisine) are distilled here in an easy-to-read style which is both pleasing and provocative. 

Fasten your seat belts, this Englishman could start a riot. 

Book is available here.

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