APPIES 2018 Winning Campaign: Grab Drivers Acquisition

2 years ago

Grab entered the ride-sharing market as a challenger to ride-sharing giant, Uber. However, it was apparent that Grab was outmatched by Uber’s global influence and pioneering reputation. Grab was seen as a young startup.
Therefore, Grab decided to leverage on their advantage, access to local and grassroots insights and sentiments, something that Uber had not established.
Grab Drivers Acquisition campaign roll-out
By building a social and segmentation data warehouse to identify the root motivations, Grab profiled into two main driver segments – Realists and Dreamers, supported by 8 unique driving motivations which were brought alive in the communication journey.

To take the campaign further, Grab needed to generate talkability. The ride-sharing app then took the opportunity to meet with real-life Grab drivers and tell their stories.
The results of the campaign proved fruitful. The stories captured people’s attention over six million times and reached 3.6 million potential drivers. The driver stories hit 38,540 reactions, 200 times more than Uber’s driver acquisition content. The campaign resulted in a 225% increase in positive sentiments and this led to Grab having a 24% more driver sign up searches compared to Uber.