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Apparently there are two ways to wear a bra

Who would have guessed that the simple and everyday act of putting on a bra could have two very distinct methods.

A graphic showing two very different methods have left people quite divided on which is better for them.

The image, which originated from a 2015 feature by BuzzFeed, was reshared via Twitter by user ‘nakaimosu’. In the first part of the picture that is colored in blue, a female is seen clasping her bra from the front and then swiveling it to the back. The second part, highlighted in red, sees another woman fastening her bra from the back.

The first way [front to back] is the only way to do it,” Twitter user ‘rockinwmike’ confidently responds to the post, which has received nearly 11,000 likes at time of publishing.

It’s tit for tat, so back-claspers have also come for the first camp. “People that do the blue one [front to back] are the first to die off during natural selection,” jokes user Fabiola V.

A poll run by BuzzFeed reveals that most bra-wearers (55 percent) fasten their undergarments from the front and turn them around, while 39 percent prefer to do the opposite. Six percent don’t subscribe to any of those options, and perhaps either put on their bras in the same way as they wear t-shirts, or pull them up like skirts.

As it turns out, there is a “right” way to put on a bra such that your garment doesn’t stretch out too quickly. Bra-fitting expert Christina Faraj told the publication that to prolong the use of your bra, it should be fastened from the back as there would be less tugging or twisting needed, which could otherwise cause it to misshapen quickly.

If the above method is physically difficult for you, or anyone else in the 55 percent, Faraj assures that front-clasping is fine as well, though it might wear your bra out slightly faster.

The most damaging way, unfortunately, is the t-shirt technique.

Which camp do you fall in? Let the debate unbuckle.


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