AMP launches in Malaysia with seven leading publishers

 CtrlShift, an audience solutions company, has launched the region’s first independent private marketplace for digital advertising, called “AMP” – Asia’s By-Invitation Marketplace for Premium Inventory. AMP launches in Malaysia with seven leading publishers –MediaPrimaDigital, Star Media Group Berhad, RevAsia, MalayMail Online, SinChew Online, and – offering marketers access to over 11 million monthly unique visitors in the country. 

CtrlShift plans to roll out AMP in other markets beginning with Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.

Reza Behnam, Co-founder & Executive Chairman at CtrlShift, said, “AMP is the answer to a strong call from APAC marketers to have access to audiences through a curated pool of high-quality inventory from leading publishers. With AMP, they can be assured that they are getting a competitive, auction-derived price for brand-safe inventory while having the benefit of targeting nuanced audience profiles. 

“The premium inventory, until recently mostly purchased by marketers directly from individual publishers, is now available in a secure, scalable and automated environment. While we are meeting marketers’ needs, we are also championing the interests of premium publishers in our region, offering a competitive alternative to the current duopoly (Facebook and Google).” Reza added. 

In France, Spain and the US, publishers’ alliances have been formed to address the challenges faced by marketers – data transparency, brand safety, fake news – and publishers – undervalued inventory, competition from bigger publishers, the duopoly of Facebook and Google. The company states in its release that AMP provides a neutral and unbiased space to showcase the offerings by publishers. 

How AMP works

1.             Publishers are invited to a private virtual auction platform where they offer their premium (best performing and most valuable) ad inventory, packaged together with audience data –  data that includes the audiences’ interests, intent, habits and demographic information. CtrlShift does this with the help of a technology stack that includes data management platforms (DMP) and supply-side platforms (SSP). 

2.             Brand advertisers, trading desks or agencies have access to the inventory through their own trading platforms, where they bid for the inventory starting with a given floor price. The inventory goes to the highest bidder. Bidding for the inventory and audience segments is also available via The Hub, CtrlShift’s media management platform. 

CtrlShift works with publishers to build their programmatic expertise around the AMP platform, and with agencies to facilitate the integration of the platform with agency trading desks. AMP can also generate insights such as details on audience value and demand, yield analysis and individual campaign learnings.

Diana Boo, Head of Publisher Solutions, said: “AMP offers publishers a new sales channel for their premium ads, ensuring all premium ad inventory is fairly valued and providing higher yields compared to open real-time bidding (RTB) environments. AMP is also the solution to the widespread issue of brand safety – knowing that ads will appear in select websites and delivered to real audiences. We ensure this by maintaining AMP as an “invitation-only” PMP, carefully selecting participating publishers.” 

Programmatic is increasingly recognised as an efficient way to buy digital ads. With the persistent issue of poor inventory quality, opportunities abound for private marketplaces, particularly in Southeast Asia where there is currently a lack of providers. Adweek estimated the private programmatic industry to be worth $8.6 billion last year


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