Digital Survey Index 2019 key findings

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In the Digital Survey Index 2019 report some 43,000 people surveyed in 23 countries spoke about their needs in the digital age.

There were four needs; basic, psychological, self-fulfillment and societal. Of this 49% of people felt that their basic access and trust in data use was being met.

Some 38% felt that their psychological needs were satisfied in terms of having a positive impact on health and well being.

About 45% felt a sense of self-fulfillment and confidence and 49% believed societal needs were fulfilled as the digital age could be used as a force for good.

The abovementioned data matters to brands because meeting digital needs means a higher likelihood of consuming online.

But the best customers are those that are reducing data online at 44% and 27% of them are installing ad blockers and some 21% of people are limiting their time spent online.

To meet digital needs and build a digital economy that works for all, brands must segment consumers by need and motivation, focus on engagement and not reach and help people undertake their own digital detox.

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