WONDA Kopi Tarik Moves Up and Down Along The Highway

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WONDA Ad Highways(Marketingmagazine.com.my) – If you are driving along the PLUS highway from down south into Kuala Lumpur, you can’t help but notice a moving message – WONDA Kopi Tarik. What makes this an eye catcher is the fact that it is a “moving can – it moves up and down”.

Malaysians are all too familiar with the “Tarik” drinks. It’s a kind of magnet that has drawn countless throngs all over the country to their favourite “drinking” hole under the shade of some large tree or canopy and so when Wonda Kopi Tarik was being launched, a lot of thought and effort went into its creation and the quality and standards to meet the exacting demands of Malaysian coffee drinkers. Bred on a brew of “Tarik”…this Kopi Tarik has had an innovative campaign to draw in the customers.

It was launched with a 360 campaign in a big way, and as always those behind it went to great lengths to find ways to ensuring the launch brought about the kind of impact that makes consumers aware of the brand and drive them to try it. Out rolled the TVC, Print Campaign, Digital and OOH.

From a creative standpoint it was decided that the best way to bring this message out was by focusing on the TARIK proposition, one that every Malaysian is familiar with. Malaysians needed to know that they don’t have to go through great lengths for a perfect Kopi Tarik as it is now available at their convenience in ‘pick me up can’ format.

There have been a few versions and different execution of the WONDA Kopi Tarik creative print ads (one of the creative ads, dubbed the accordion ad) in The Star newspaper to keep the excitement and awareness of the launch.





The aim is to bring out the message of TARIK-ing with one of it presenting a ‘premium’ item that the readers of The Star can retain.

The ‘extended’ jacket wrap, apart from being creative, impactful and one of the first of its kind, clearly depicts the act of TARIK-ing the coffee on print.

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