Who will win? Digital vs Traditional Media

In this day and age, the comparisons between digital and traditional media consumption is always quite interesting.

According to GlobalWebIndex’s Trend Report 2019, on a typical day, internet users estimate that they spend 6 ¾ hours online.

Smartphones are becoming ever more prominent within this: since 2016 estimated daily time spent online on mobiles has jumped from 2.5 hours to more than 3 ¼.

The 16 to 24 year old category report being online for almost three hours longer per day than those aged between 55 and 64 years.

We’re past the mobile-tipping point. Only in Japan do consumers spend longer on traditional rather than digital forms of media .

Daily time spent on social networks/services continues to increase. Despite constant claims that the internet is taking people away from other media formats, most are actually holding their own.

These are just seven markets tracked by GlobalWebIndex where consumers are spending longer each day on traditional rather than digital forms of media.

These are mature markets with digitally-conservative and older online populations, mainly in Europe, but notably also Japan.

Fast-growth markets lead when it comes to the total daily time devoted to media. Vietnam tops the table overall, while Hong Kong and Sweden lead as mature markets.

In many fast-growth markets, mobiles are now capturing more than 50% of online time – most importantly China.

The equivalent figures dip down to 30-35% in older European markets, though the ratio even in these markets increasingly favors mobile units.

GlobalWebIndex can now identify 16 markets where people are watching online TV for more than one hour per day, up from 7 in 2016.

Fast-growth nations in APAC and the Middle East are at the forefront, while the U.S. takes fourth place overall as the highest ranking and largest developed market.

source: http://www.globalwebindex.com

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