What is ‘Outernet’ and why are these 7 brand leaders using it in their advertising strategy?

A report by the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and a report by The Harris Poll titled Consumer Insights & Intent: Q1 2021, states that “55% of consumers in big cities are noticing more Out-of-Home (OOH) messaging and signage, compared to the 41% of the general population, while OOH influences 34% of consumers purchasing decisions in big cities.”

While OOH media came to a standstill in terms of campaigns, the stakeholders on both the buy and sell sides have been equipping themselves with cutting edge audience-based planning and measurement tools

The Outernet Marketing Innovation Group (OMIG) was formed earlier this year to bring together innovative brands to trial some of these technologies and establish best practices for the industry. The term Outernet has been coined to describe the engagement opportunity when consumers are outside their homes and not on their devices. 

While the initiative was launched with eight regional brands, there are now more than 25 brands who have equipped themselves with best-in-class OOH media technology.

The Outernet technologies give digitally-driven brands like Yoodo the opportunity to seamlessly integrate their offline campaigns into online and to start including OOH into their campaign mix for highly effective omnichannel results:

Here’s why some of the newest added brand leaders decided to join this illustrious group.

Saki Goh, General Manager Marketing, WIPRO (Malaysia)

“Being at the forefront of innovative personal care products in Malaysia, we recognise the importance of being able to communicate with the right audiences. This has been traditionally hard to do with precision using offline media. However, the industry is now embracing measurement and buying automation and we look forward to shaping these capabilities.”

Ethel Yow, Marketing Manager, eRemit (Singapore)

“We believe that Outernet is able to provide us with the insights we require for more efficient Out of Home planning and placements to reach out to our consumers.”

Rahul Mishra, Head of Marketing & Communications, Shemaroo (India)

“Consumers these days are demanding for more personalisation. It gets more challenging to capture their attention in the sea of ads they are exposed to in a day. The Outernet is a perfect opportunity for us to leverage technology and infrastructure, thus accelerating our adoption of contextual and dynamic campaigns.”  

Durba Mandal, Head of OOH, Cheil (India)

“Outernet is the key to establish an Ad-balance between Out-of-Home & Digital life that we lead in this fast-paced world.”

Mr Aninda Gupta – Lead Marketing – Media, Digital & B2C Business, Saint-Gobain Gyproc India

“Data-driven advertising is surely the focus of advertisers. While, traditional mediums like out-of-home (OOH) have seen slower adoption but putting data at the core of OOH will unlock new possibilities, making it more effective and efficient. It’s a natural evolution for the medium.”

Anggi Paramita, Head of Media, PT. Samsung Electronics (Indonesia)

“With media saturation at an all-time high, marketers need to constantly challenge their assumptions and hypothesis. This means seeking out new data to understand the customer journey. With the rise of challenge in the digital platform (ad blocking, ad fraud, etc), a marketer is finding other ways to touch the relevant audience with relevant messaging.” 

Anggie added, “OOH digital transformation, amplified by the advantages of the digital marketing funnelling will increase the effectiveness for advertisers in determining the target audience, the relevant location and relevant message.”

Jane Angeles, Head of Media Hub, Smart Communications, Inc. (Philippines)

“The real magic happens when both offline and online tactics work together. We know that to build a long-lasting relationship with our audiences, we use offline to prime and online to scale up the relationship. We look forward to capitalising these potent technologies to run our campaigns at full scale.” 

Creating Moments That Matter

Each OMIG member will get access to Moving Audiences, a location-based media platform that provides planning, buying, and measurement automation services while also benefiting from regular sharing and brainstorming sessions with other members of the group. 

Some of the innovative campaigns that will be executed using these emerging technologies will also be published to inspire more brands to make the most of the new outdoor audience engagement opportunities.

About Marketing Innovation Group 

The Outernet Marketing Innovation Group’ is an elite group of marketing innovators across the Asian region including Singapore, Malaysia, India, the Philippines and Indonesia, who are from a variety of industry verticals, coming together to share their knowledge and put out best practices and guidelines for OOH advertising. 

Initiated by ad-tech company Moving Walls, the innovators from each market will be given complimentary access to Moving Walls’ location media technology platform and the opportunity to carry out dynamic and contextual campaigns which can be measured against their ROI. They will be able to witness firsthand the influences of offline media on online engagement and measure their offline’s impact on their digital spending.

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