Triumph Announces Evolution of its Global Brand Vision

Internationally renowned lingerie brand, Triumph has revealed an evolution of its global brand vision and visual identity.

The strategy – to be implemented across markets – is designed to underline Triumph’s philosophy that all women should wholeheartedly be able to embrace who they are, their individuality and uniqueness. 

It is a philosophy that is rooted in helping to empower women everywhere. The brand vision is a true celebration of individuality that will see an entirely new look and feel that is authentic, fresh and modern.

Triumph is a brand with a long and rich history, however, it also understands the need to evolve and rebuild its relevance in a rapidly changing world. 

It will continue to leverage the key characteristics that have helped to build its brand loyalty over the years, such as: functionality, trustworthiness, elegance – but will add a renewed sense of flair and excitement across all its visual and communications touchpoints as well its product design, to forge a truly emotional connection with its consumers.

It is the natural changes that take place in society and culture that inspire the brand. The world does not stand still and neither does the Triumph brand – women’s lives, attitudes and needs are forever changing and as such, they require brands that evolve and retain meaning for their lives. 

It is by continually monitoring the ever-evolving needs of women and key trends that inspires the brand’s product development and naturally is interpreted in its new product designs.

As part of its brand evolution, Triumph carried out extensive research and concept testing, including feedback and input from 20,000 women globally, which highlighted the monumental shift in how their lives, perceptions and needs have changed.

It found that now, more than ever, women are re-evaluating what truly matters in their lives and that they do not want to be represented in a generic or unrelatable way. 

The lingerie industry has long established stereotypes that women have felt the need to conform to – be that a representation of what the industry has defined as ‘sexy’ or ‘comfortable’.

This has naturally become an outdated notion that simply does not resonate and as such, women are increasingly engaging with brands that understand them as individuals and that appreciate the complexities of the modern lives they lead, as opposed to being judged and defined by their bodies. 

They want to engage with brands that defy traditional stereotypes and that champion their individuality. Triumph’s evolved brand vision is first and foremost, rooted in celebrating all the differences that make women and their lives unique.

Paul Gautier, Triumph’s Global Head of Brands comments, “Our vision is to strive for a world where all women can embrace their individuality wholeheartedly. It is all about fostering an individual connection and emotive experience with our consumers, through each and every touchpoint that they come into contact with. From the products they purchase, the images they see, through to their purchase experience, both online and in-store. We want to create a consistently memorable consumer journey by being distinctive, inspirational and relevant”.

Celebrating uniqueness and individuality will form the guiding principle for all of Triumph’s brand activity from AW22, with every aspect designed to foster an individual connection with each and every woman.

Individuality will drive the brand’s visual narrative and its campaigns will go beyond product alone. They will be designed as authentic tributes to women, celebrating their individuality, their multi-faceted lives and differences and ultimately creating a fundamentally different point of view that challenges historical representations that have come before. 

By creating real and relatable imagery that makes each and every woman feel represented and understood, Triumph hopes to create a deep-rooted and emotional connection with both existing and new customers.

The e-commerce platform will be revitalised with a modernised look and feel and will be a place where content and community truly merge. 

Customers will be able to browse their local store pages and sign-up for store-based events and activities, book in-store or virtual bra fittings, as well as have access to relevant, brand-generated content.

Individual choice will be given back to the consumer as they will be able to choose how they wish to view products as well as select the size in which they would like to see them, so that they best reflect their own cup size.

A new store concept, designed to convey a stronger and more immersive brand experience will also be unveiled. New modular product displays will incorporate both digital touches and tactile components to offer customers a seamless, premium retail journey that truly elevates and transforms bra fitting into a personal and truly ambient, ceremonial-type experience.


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