Top brands spend 69% on television ads

Top brands spend 69% of their budgets on TV and digital channels

According to WARC report, successful brands spend 69% of their budgets on television and digital channels between 2013 and 2017.

WARC examined 840 case studies between 2009 and 2017 in its Media Allocation Benchmark report in order to identify the typical budget split of highly successful campaigns.

The study covered budget and media allocation information for TV, digital, print, out of home/experiential and other media.

The biggest determinant of media allocation is the size of the budget. Successful, prize-winning low-budget campaigns are highly digital-focused.

At high budget levels, TV takes up more than 60% of a prize-winning brand’s advertising investment.

The allocation also varied depending on sector as categories with low budgets such as government and not for profit were highly digital led.

The same went for transport and tourism which was mainly focused online.

The food category had the most concentrated media investment profile. Prize-winning food campaigns allocated 81% of their budgets to TV and digital combined.

WARC research editor Amy Rodgers said that gaining the right balance of television which delivers reach and digital is a critical component of media.

“The finding suggests that whenever any extra allocation is available it would be invested in television,” she said.

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