TM comms head Izlyn Ramli belts out powerful vocals in music video

Telekom Malaysia launches Hebat Negaraku music video, Izlyn Ramli mesmerizes all with her vocals
Telekom Malaysia released its Hebat Negaraku (My country is great) video marking TM’s milestone as well as other GLC companies – three years since the graduation of GLCs under the GLCT 1.0 program in 2015.

The music video titled Hebat Negaraku – Inspirasiku(My country is great – My inspiration) features TM’s Vice President Group Brand and Communication, Izlyn Ramli as the lead vocalist together with musicians Hady Afro, AKZ, Amar Azalan and Uda Wahid. The music video shows footages from TM’s work such TM Program Sejahtera, Misi Bantuan Banjir and TM Scale Up.
The video, which runs on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and free-to-air TV, celebrates TM’s activities and efforts in nation-building.
MARKETING reached out to Izlyn Ramli (pic) on her experience of working on the Hebat Negaraku video.

1. The song has such a melodic, chill vibe to it – especially the introduction, it draws you in immediately – what inspired this?
There are already a few upbeat versions out there and when I was tasked to do a more ‘soulful’ version for TM, I immediately asked Hady Afro to assist me.

We decided to go for a more rustic chill lullaby vibe that was still very Malaysian at heart. Hady’s decision to go with an accordion was just spot on.
At the heart of the song and the music video was the intent to reflect the values that drive TM’s vision in making life easier for a better Malaysia.

This video celebrates TM’s activities and efforts in nation-building, whether it’s in helping the needy, contributing to the education of innovative minds and the future digital generation, protecting the environment, developing the advancement of sports especially Malaysian football, ensuring the security of our national networks and much more.

All the footage you see in the video is real though we did also recycle some of our TVC. This is to show our authenticity in portraying the true TM values. We are grateful to have been a part of this video and hope it instils a sense of pride in all of us as Malaysians.

TM is now ready, along with other GLCs, to embrace the new GLCT 2.0 journey that we will be embarking on until 2020.

The new tide emphasises the continued commitment of TM, in fulfilling our responsibility as a vital partner in nation-building, in line with our role in building the nation’s communications infrastructure and as the nation’s Convergence Champion.

2.How was it like working alongside the talented Hady Afro?
I’ve had the serendipitous privilege, via Sean Ghazi and our amazing Malaysian big band Tarakucha; to work with Hady (Sheikh Hady Basmeih Mansur), who is one of Malaysia’s best fingerstyle guitarists in my opinion – as well as the other incredible home-grown and world-class talents in Amar Azalan (double bass/ bass) Muhammad Abdul Karim Zafiruddin or AKZ (percussions) and Uda Wahid (accordion).

We also enlisted the help of the renowned Fauzi Marzuki to mix and master the track. I am so proud of them, of their artistry and work ethic. They bring a decidedly authentic flavour to any performance we do.

3.What was your memorable experience making the video?
You would not believe how quickly we did this! Hady arranged the song over the weekend 17th March, we rehearsed on 19th, recorded on 21st, mastered on the 22nd and shot the video on the 25th!!! All with raucous laughter and a lot of fun to while the long hours away…

4.You have amazing vocals, Izlyn. Can you tell us other secret superpowers that you’re hiding?
Thank you so much. Singing/songwriting/performing will always be life passions and I am lucky to be able to balance between my two worlds of corporate and performance; as both give me a sense of purpose and sit well with my personal values. (In truth I do wish I were Wonder Woman or a Jedi sometimes LOL)

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