Stressed? Take a ChillPill literally

Digital creative agency Protocol has rolled out mints that come with custom prescriptions and medical certificates and are called ‘ChillPills.’

According to an official statement, ChillPills are for use when faced with irritability, drowsiness, boredom or stress at work; post-holiday blues, pointless OT, procrastination, impending deadlines, moody bosses, incompetent colleagues, anxiety during presentations, burnout, mental block, and rejection.

Each pack of ChillPill comes with dosage instructions and a free medical certificate.

Kelvin Kao, managing director of Protocol and creative lead for ChillPills said: “We’ve all been in a situation where you want to tell someone to take a chill pill. Now you can literally – and this is the right use of ‘literally’ – offer them ChillPills.”

Packaging designer Astrid Ana Jansen said: ”We wanted ChillPills to look and feel like a legitimate, medical-grade cure to all the aches and woes of work. Even if they are just mints.”


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