Hando Sinisalu

CEO and Speaker

case.digital (previously known as Best Marketing International)


Hando Sinisalu is a business journalist, conference producer and world traveler. He is the founder and CEO of case.digital (formerly known as Best Marketing International). Collecting and analysing digital marketing case studies is both his hobby and work. With presentations in 30+ countries, you could almost claim that Hando has travelled to the moon and back.


In the past, Hando has been a radio DJ, managed a newspaper company and an advertising agency. Today he writes about marketing to numerous publications and consults brands and media companies about digital marketing. He is the author of “The Best of Global Digital Marketing: Storybook 1” and “Storybook 2”. Hando has MA degree in Communications from Ohio University (USA).

Speaker of Event

Start Date Name Details Location Price
March 30, 2022

Growth Marketing Workshop (2-Days Series) by Hando Sinisalu

October 4, 2021

Online B2B Marketing Workshop: Creating Content That Sells (5-Days Series) by Hando Sinisalu