Slippers, shoes to swine fever?

Malaysian social media users have accused entrepreneur Neelofa of religious exploitation after she released “Muslim-friendly” slippers with local footwear brand Fipper.

Maybe she should launch a range of Neeloafers instead?

Neelofa, Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor, posted an Instagram story of a presentation for the Fipper x TheNoor by Neelofa slippers and claimed the slippers are “Muslim-friendly” leading to a backlash on Twitter with users questioning what exactly makes a pair of slippers wearable in Islamic terms.

Many were shocked at the hefty price tag, with each pair of Fipper x TheNoor by Neelofa slippers retailing for RM79.90.

Some accused the 32-year-old entrepreneur of using religion as a marketing tool to make money off people who don’t know any better.

Multiple award-winning advertising creative leader Ted Lim shares, “Under the guise of ‘pakai tanpa was-was’, it   insinuates that footwear worn by others are unclean or unsafe.”

One Twitter said “Neelofa is selling ‘Muslim-friendly’ rubber slippers. So did rubber slippers before this contain swine blood or what?”

Talking about pig skins…here’s a picture taken at an adidas store in Sunway Pyramid where special treatment is accorded for special shoes.

Innovative merchandising displays that do away with touch? 

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