Prashant Kumar HAMBUSHED!

4 years ago

1f8c051( – We meet the man everybody says has been keeping silent. Till about a month ago, he was President of IPG Mediabrands World Markets Asia, a company in charge of managing and investing US$37 billion in global media assets on behalf of their clients. Currently, in between jobs, his reputation as a giant-killer when it comes to new business pitches in the industry has been nothing short of stellar. Today he tells us he is ‘looking forward to the next inspiration’….

You left the media madness a month now. What are we missing?
The mythical cycle of life is not a hamster wheel. Doesn’t have to be. The journey from the invention of the first wheel to cyclotron and hyper loop to vicious and virtuous cycles to the circular logic that dogs such civilisational paradoxes as to whether the chicken came first or the egg, happened because some mutants were too restless. I plan to earn that tiny bit of respect by indulging my own restlessness. But breaking out requires looking within. So am trying to get lost before I find a new myself.

Do you spend more time looking up than looking down these days?
Never been a look down guy. The trick is to keep your feet down and stretch every sinew and synapse of your body as far up as possible. At least you can see far and beyond. Isn’t that what living full is about?

Does the metaphor work with your forward plans?
Oh so totally. The metaphor is the plan. And the plan the metaphor.

Have you ruled out selling life insurance as a career?
Respectfully, selling life insurance is highly underrated by the overrated. I am the type who’d rather get wet once in a hundred days than carry an umbrella each one of the hundred days. Plus it can be fun getting wet!

Are you going to Cannes Lions this year?
No. My wife already didn’t believe I went there half a dozen times to earn precious knowledge and service critical clients. Now I can’t even say it’s a global mandate. I need to seek a fresh mandate from her. For next year.

What advice would you give industry leaders who spend more than 12 years in the same company?
I am proud of you. You were born to serve in your company. Just make sure the company doesn’t change you, while you are not changing the company – in ways you don’t like. And by the way, don’t blame the company.

Do you love gardening?
Opinions differ. I think I love gardening. My wife thinks I love gardening, when she is doing it. I do think though that there is a farmer inside me. Someday I will indulge my plough, for sure.

What do you pray for each night?
For those around me, who need help and I can be of only limited help to them. I seldom pray for myself. It would be embarrassing after all that God has given me.

What books have you read the past week?
I have been re-reading a compilation of poetry by Nazim Hikmat. He is Turkish and there is something Steve Jobbish about him. He evokes new intuitive experiences with breathtaking simplicity. And he can be hopelessly hopeful.


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