Measuring attention to advertisements

The ability of marketers to be able to measure the return on their investment with the use of balanced information and new perspectives on attention measuring can help marketers explore various methodologies and identify what really works best – for their activity and business sales.

The Ad Attention Measurement Landscape Report from the Interactive Advertisement Bureau (IAB) in Australia has discovered that in actuality, too much attention was being placed on ad attention metric in isolation.

Industry gobbledygook? Hardly as the report points to emerging evidence on the correlation between higher ad attention and business outcomes. It did conclude however that ad attention measurement is not the be all and end all and that a range of metrics still need to be used for them to fully understand the holistic impact of their advertising investments.

However, while ad attention measurement can be an important input to understand ad impact, IAB Australia feels that it is not yet ready to be considered as an industry standard because of low levels of understanding of the various methodologies and metrics used.

Nevertheless, some 82% of ad agencies have indicated their intention to measure the ad attention of their campaigns over the next year while 55% of agencies said they knew ‘a fair amount’ about the concept.

The report also said that ad attention measurement is mostly used to gain insights into media planning with 64% of agency respondents indicating they would do this.

Most (76%) will use insights from studies published in market by agencies or media owners, to inform their media planning, against just 30% of agency respondents for ad targeting decisions and 29% for adjusting creative design.

Natalie Stanbury, IAB Australia Research Director said: “The IAB and the Ad Effectiveness Council are excited by the development in the attention space and look forward to a healthy evolution of the use of these metrics to help marketers increase the effectiveness of their marketing investment.”

“We encourage brands, agencies and media owners to start experimenting with ad attention measurement to understand the nuances across brands, format, position, context and cost.”

The CEO of the IAB Australia pointed out that there were many ingredients making up effective advertising and that being able to measure all the pieces of the ‘effectiveness puzzle’ as they fit together showed that measuring and constant reviews was necessary as the ad market, media options, consumer behavior and the marketing mix constantly evolves.

The Report was a collaboration of the Ad Effectiveness Council and participating ad attention measurement vendors who also worked with IAB to share details on their methodologies and approaches, including eye – tracking panel measurement vendors.

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