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Make Presentations Great Again! It’s a full house!

Joe Najib

It’s a full house! Yes, you heard right, we’re sold out. It’s been an amazing response to Joe Najib’s workshop!

For those who missed out, fret not, because Marketing Magazine will always headline this event for marketing professionals in the future. So stay tuned!

Joe Najib is conducting a workshop on ‘making good presentations great‘. Simply click the hyperlink for more information.

On the 8th of July, his workshop in Plaza VADS will be about how to make power point presentations truly spectacular.

Joe Najib is a senior advertising & marketing individual with over 20 years of experience in the communication industry, having worked for both local and multinational advertising agencies.

Joe has worked across various fields in the advertising spectrum –as an account management person, a digital marketing strategist, to heading a creative team.

More significantly, Joe is known industry-wide for his ability to create stunning presentation documents and delivering them with flair, contributing to his 90% overall pitch-win-rate.

He now conducts PowerPoint presentation workshops and trainings full-time to MNCs, GLCs, and the general public. He also designs keynote addresses for some of the country’s most celebrated CEOs and corporate figures.

A great presentation isn’t just about good looking slides, it happens when there is a great synergy between the presenter and the slides.

MS PowerPoint should not be perceived as a program used merely to present data. Its a great design tool where one is apply to his or her own creative expression.

There will be tips, cheats and design trickery shared during the training that will leave you wondering why you never thought about doing it.

So should you attend this course? Why of course! It’s all about jazzing up your outputs and ultimately MAKING PRESENTATIONS GREAT AGAIN!

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