What’s brewing at Heineken? A new Marketing Director!

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Heineken Malaysia has a new marketing director, Pablo Chabot who will replace Jiri Rakosnik. Pablo will drive the performance of its portfolio of beer, stout and cider brands in Malaysia.

Some of Heineken’s premier and well known brands include Heineken, Tiger, Guinness, Anchor, Apple Fox and Strongbow.

Before his new position, Chabot was based in China as marketing manager for the Heineken beer brand, where he focused on building a winning team, championed the development of a more digital and mobile first marketing approach, delivering growth for the brand.

He joined Heineken in 2008 and has held various roles in both marketing and trade marketing in multiple operating companies including the Netherlands, Nigeria, and Switzerland.

Pablo Chabot

The company also launched a non-alcoholic malt beverage last month targeting the health conscious as well as giving consumers a wider choice.

The beverage made its foray into Singapore in 2018 followed by Thailand early this year. It’s iconic green label has also been changed into blue to denote its non-alcoholic category.

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