KFC’s Mat Ayam

KFC has a new campaign created by Reprise Digital and Universal McCann dubbed ‘Ayam Everywhere’ that features ‘Mat Ayam Free’, a fictional Instagram persona who, chicken in hand, hijacks photos of popular local influencers.

“The team was looking for a fun approach,” said Stanley Clement, Managing Director of Reprise, adding that “the angle of a hijack campaign via a persona was a cool way to get the message out.”

The campaign sees Mat Ayam Free appearing in photos alongside KOLs like Scha Alyahya, Zizan Razak, Syafiq Kyle, Ridduan Ttfga Ismail, Joe Flizzow, Mira Filzah, and Hael Husaini, and whatever he does, he does it with a piece of fried chicken in hand.

“By leveraging the power of Instagram, we are able to capture the attention of the younger set who are hard to engage,” said Chief Marketing Officer for KFC, Angelina Villanueva. “The Reprise, UM and KFC team were quick to come up with a campaign that is unique, humorous and attention-grabbing. Creatively repurposing the photos of famous local entrepreneurs and entertainers, they have made this character lovable, and in turn KFC.”

Mat Ayam Free has also been spotted at various events and shows including ‘Bintang Bersama Bintang’ a local variety show, where he photobombed the live telecast with the message ‘Aku dapat ayam free kat Kepci’ (I got free chicken at KFC).

“In a way, Mat Ayam Free is relatable to every Malaysian who loves chicken, a good deal and striking an Insta-worthy pose,” adds Stanley.

The campaign was launched with the hashtag #AyamEverywhere, and will run for ten days.

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