High protein ice-cream anyone?

DIA Brands, launched WOAH! Protein ice cream in Singapore. The brand was revealed to the media on July 3rd, 2019.

WOAH! Protein ice cream was developed in line with the government’s initiative to raise awareness for the rise in diabetes and obesity, with Singaporeans opting for healthier choices and less sugar.

WOAH! protein ice cream is a recommended dessert or meal supplement option for busy executives on-the-go and patients recovering from surgery.

The higher protein content helps in body tissue repair and reduces the chance of muscle degeneration which is vital to the needs of an aging population.

WOAH! Protein ice cream addresses the gap of a healthier ice cream choice with an optimal and all-rounded nutrition label compared to other conventional brands focused on only lowering sugar and calories.

Edward Foo, Founder WOAH! protein ice cream “There has been an increase in demand for high protein related products in Singapore at major supermarket chains, similar to the growth in the organic category.

“Common products like milk, cheese, cereal and pasta now have protein enriched options as consumers seek alternative sources for their intake. DIA Brand Consultants were appointed to set an international tone for the home-grown WOAH! Brand.”

Dinesh Sandhu, Managing Director “This is our proudest work of 2019 thus far. Being true to our mantra of in Building Remarkable Brands, we have conceptualised the WOAH! brand for the long haul with a view of an expanded portfolio that will include shakes and other healthy food products very soon.

“DIA’s remit encompassed visual identity, integrated communications, digital, publicity and activation in concert with specialist partners.”

DIA was established in London in 1983 and became a top five branding consultancy in the UK by the end of the 80’s.

Established in Asia in 1996, today DIA is an independent group based in Singapore with studios in Malaysia, Australia and Indonesia, with a focus on unravelling the complexity of business and bringing simple ideas and innovative thinking to brands.

Uncovering what makes a business exceptional and a brand remarkable, DIA has helped to create a business advantage for many of the region’s leading consumer, corporate, government, services, destination, retail, hospitality and technology brands.

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