Happy 14th Birthday, Facebook!

Show your bestie you care this Friends Day with Facebook

Facebook is marking the celebration of friendship once again with Friends Day on 4th February 2018 in conjunction with Facebook’s 14th anniversary,
“February 4th 2018 marks the celebration of Friends Day globally. It is a day to show gratitude to all our friends, the ones that matter the most to us,” said Nicole Tan, Facebook Malaysia’s Country Director.
“To help you celebrate in style, we are putting together your very own Friends Awards video. Be sure to check it out, and share your Friends Day!” added Nicole.
Every year, more than 750 million new friendships are formed a day, which is why Friends day is all about the Friendships that are more important than ever for our happiness and well being. In fact, friends’ support is key to reducing stress, as friendship boosts emotional, mental and physical health particularly in scary or challenging times.

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