Google unveils cheaper smartphone

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Google unveiled a host of new products and updates at its I/O developer conference on May 7.

Its CEO Sundar Pinchai said the tech giant’s mission is shifting from a company that “helps you find answers” to one that “helps you get things done”.

This includes the launch of its new, lower cost Pixel smartphones, the Pixel 3a and 3a XL, which will sell for roughly half that of the original Pixel 3 launched seven months ago.

It also showed off its latest voice-controlled smart home product, the Nest Hub Max.

The device has a larger 10 inch screen compared to the seven inch screen of the previous model, and it now features a camera, which can be used for video chats and home security.

Google also introduced additional security features to help consumers better control their privacy.

These include a new incognito mode for Maps and Search that will ensure results aren’t connected to consumers’ Google accounts, the ability to block cross-site tracking, and filters that auto-delete web activity and app data.


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