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Global campaign against sexual harassment at Cannes

“Where do you draw the line?” is the message of the latest anti-sexual harassment campaign that is set to roll out at the International Festival of Creativity at Cannes.

Last year, it was revealed that harassment in advertising was far from being erased – with, for example, 20% of women in the industry aged 18 to 24 already having been sexually harassed in the few years they’ve been working.

As reported by ProlificLondon, These ‘TimeTo’ adverts created by ‘Lucky Generals’ are quite clever, in the way that it turns standard interactions into something more sinister. The films are featured below.

TimeTo was co-founded by Women in Advertising and Communications, London, the Advertising Association, and NABS – backed by the ISBA and the IPA – on the basis that sexual harassment is “happening right now, in the UK advertising and marketing industry, and it must be stopped…no one should have to put up with sexual harassment.”

Source: Prolific London

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