Get a voice assistant for difficult conversations

2 months ago

Extra Gum and Colenso BBDO has taught a voice assistant to train humans in difficult conversations.

EXTRA Gum, via Colenso BBDO, released Extra Pep Talks, a voice-assistant-based conversation tool that is designed to build confidence.

Aimed at generations who have become more comfortable conversing via text than in person, the platform compliments EXTRA Gum’s “Time to Shine” brand positioning by letting people practice hard-to-have conversations.

Every conversation housed within the tech is inspired by commonly searched topics – asking for a raise, asking someone on a date, breaking up with someone, negotiating a bargain and asking a flatmate to move out.

Says Max McKeon, Colenso BBDO Creative Director, “The voice-led AI was able to recognise thousands of phrases. Each time a human responds, they are helping to build the AI’s conversation skills. The result: almost infinite unique conversations between human and robot.”

Says Tatyana Dickson, Senior Brand Manager, Wrigley Confectionery, “Extra Pep Talks is a technology first for mobile browser-based voice assistants.

“We’ve worked with Colenso to create bespoke experiences which challenged users to talk their way out of some pretty awkward situations. The overall experience builds confidence in conversation and will increase brand awareness with our under 35 year old audience.”

And for a little extra confidence, people were given a voucher for Extra gum upon completion of every conversation.



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