Edelman launches Psoriasis heroes music video

In today’s Insta-filter world when we are all guilty of judging a person basis their physical appearances, comes a heartfelt war cry from those who are braving a rare immune disorder that starts with impacting ones’ skin condition before affecting bones leading to arthritis and more.

Driven by the insight ‘I want to feel sun on my skin’, this first of its kind musical video leads you into the everyday world of Psoriasis Heroes, their struggles, dilemma, and desires.

As Mazuin Zin, Managing Director Edelman elaborates, ‘This perhaps is the making of world’s first all Psoriasis fighters Music Band. As the music video was composed, choreographed and performed entirely by the sufferers.

This content piece promises to move you from within, breaking all pre-conceived notions about their skin conditions. And how the only thing contagious about them is their enthusiasm and zeal for life.

At Edelman, we are extremely fortunate to be part of such a life impacting initiative, as we hope this demonstrates how brands can truly create earned attention by walking the talk on their brand purpose, something our Client Novartis truly believes in.”

The song and music video is an outcome of a creative collaboration between Psoriasis Heroes and renowned songwriter and singer Zee Avi. The initiative supported by Psoriasis Association of Malaysia and Novartis Malaysia along with Edelman has already received a phenomenal support for the petition with over 850 sign-ups in the past fortnight (perhaps the largest support garnered for any Psoriasis initiative worldwide in such record time).

The initiative wouldn’t have been possible without our following Psoriasis Heroes who braved their internal fears to lend their voice and heart to this content story creation. A special thanks to our Psoriasis heroes (Rocyie Wong, Lea , Sofia Lovi Ramasamy, Charles, Patrina, Asiff, Amirul, Nik, Shariman, Ananth, KK, Remalatha, Aliff, Gwen).


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