Digital marketing trends to watch for

Dheeraj Raina speaks on trends transforming Malaysian digital marketing

2018’s entrance comes with a shift in digital marketing. With the need to become more visible and reach more customers, the digital marketing of tomorrow offers advancements in emerging technologies as consumers demand a more integrated experience.
In MARKETING’s first bimonthly issue, we featured Dheeraj Raina, Managing Director Malaysia for AdParlor Asia Pacific. He spoke on the trends transforming Malaysian digital marketing.
He noted that there are 4 trends capable of transforming the digital marketing industry in Malaysia in 2018.
Firstly is the rise of the buy button; instead of businesses constantly using social media to spike the interest in products. A built-in buy button and mobile option payment options enable the consumer to go from discovery to checkout with a single click.
The next trend to watch out for is the cashless economy going mainstream. In order to take full advantage of the rise of mobile payment systems, marketers need to have such potential readily integrated into their platforms.
Reaching out to micro-influencers instead of your traditional influencers will be a trend to keep an eye on. Microinfluencers in comparison have a more modest set of followers and share content that revolves around a specific passion.
Lastly, content marketing has always been viewed as a subset of usual advertising. As the customer-focused takes centre stage in 2018, content marketing is set to grow and establish itself as a separate pillar of marketing altogether.
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