“Current AI technology is the worst it will ever be.”

The air was thick with anticipation at the Malaysian Marketing Conference & Festival 2024 as the crowd gathered for the opening keynote.

The man of the hour was Lucio Ribeiro, a figure known not just for his piercing intellect but for his revolutionary thoughts on digital marketing and artificial intelligence. Lucio’s credentials were as impressive as his presence: Director at Seven Network, holder of an MBA, a Certificate in Psychology, and credentials in Game Theory from Stanford, and Artificial Intelligence from MIT. Not to mention, he is also a Forbes Tech Columnist.

Lucio, Ham, Farrokh

As he stepped onto the stage, the room fell silent. His first words were a call to the future, a future shaped by innovation and technology.

“Emerging technologies flourish within a synergistic ecosystem of individual developments that eventually converge into an integrated, functional system,” he began.

He delved into the critical role of innovation in driving business growth. Innovation, Lucio explained, comes in two forms: sustaining and disruptive. Sustaining innovation improves existing products for current markets. It’s the familiar path, the safe bet.

Disruptive innovation, however, targets new or low-end markets with simpler, more affordable solutions. It’s the path less travelled, fraught with risk but ripe with reward. This distinction, he noted, was crucial to understanding how AI could revolutionize industries, enabling both types of innovation.

His narrative shifted to the technology fundamentals necessary for successful innovation. A robust foundation, he stressed, is essential. Cyber trust, core business technology, and the synergy between emerging technologies are the bedrock upon which innovation stands.

His words painted a picture of a future where trust and technology coexisted, creating a fertile ground for the seeds of innovation to grow.

The audience leaned in as Lucio turned his focus to AI. His passion for the subject was palpable.

“AI is not a weight loss pill; it’s rocket fuel,” he said, the metaphor striking a chord with the audience. AI, he explained, was not a quick fix but a powerful catalyst for transformation. It could not prepare businesses for every eventuality, but it enabled them to be ready for anything.

This adaptability, he emphasized, was AI’s true potential – to respond to diverse challenges with agility and precision.

He spoke of AI not just as a tool, but as an evolving entity, constantly improving and expanding its capabilities. His optimism was infectious, especially as he concluded with a thought-provoking remark:

“Current AI technology is the worst it will ever be.”
The implication was clear – the best was yet to come.

Lucio’s keynote was more than just a speech; it was a journey through the landscape of innovation, technology, and AI. He had covered the fundamentals of innovation, the necessity of a strong technological foundation, and provided both micro and macro views of AI.

As he stepped down from the stage, the audience was left with picture of the future he had so vividly described. The conference had only just begun, but Lucio Ribeiro had already set the bar impossibly high.

Game-changing AI text to video Sora coming soon:

AI Fake of Lucio doing the Wiggle:

AI replacing teachers:

Two days of inspiring talks, peer discussions, demonstrations that generated mind-enriching experiences for over 250 delegates. The event also starred celebrity podcaster Khairy Jamaluddin, Director @ Seven Network Sydney Lucio Ribeiro, creative superstar Farrokh Madon, Prompt Engineer Indhran Indhraseghar, Malaysia’s CMOs of the Year 2023 and many more…

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