Chinese Muslims Continue Tradition Of Celebrating Chinese New Year

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CNY2016( – Malaysian Chinese who have converted to the Muslim faith, are continuing the tradition of celebrating Chinese New Year with loved ones each year in the Perak state capital of Ipoh.

For Firdaus Simon Abdullah, 44, the family ties were never severed even though he converted to Islam 16 years ago and every year he practices the tradition of celebrating Chinese New Year with loved ones.

Firdaus said each year he and his wife, Nor Hayati Nordin, 48, and their four children will gather with family members and relatives at his home for a grand dinner on the eve of the festival.

“I continue to welcome the Chinese New Year as long as it does not contradict the teachings of Islam, as the food prepared is halal and I do not worship idols.

“We manage to get together as we seldom meet otherwise, besides, this gathering helps to strengthen family ties,” he added.

For Azizah Abdul Rahman, 58, who converted to Islam at the age of 22 years, she has never missed celebrating Chinese New Year with her family.

The youngest of seven siblings, she said even though having converted to Islam, the family ties were never severed, but remained intact and close until today.

There about 1,500 converts in Ipoh presently.

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