BELLY massacres Corona masks

The Corona crisis has been dominating our lives for almost a year now. But despite lockdowns and vaccines, there is no real relief. A symbol that reminds us of this every day is the unloved face masks. Everyone would love to tear it to pieces – or worse. 

Advertising agency BELLY has picked up on the general mood and launched its own initiative to show how people can deal humorously with their frustration.

In close partnership with the film production “the beauty aside”, WeFadeToGrey, Mokoh Music Berlin, Büro Bloock Webdesign Agentur, RamaGeissler Management and the director Jan Stollberg, a spot was financed and produced: “MaskSaker” shows funny and absurd fantasies of violence towards innocent medical masks, in order to call for wearing the mask in the end.

A website provides further information and playfully invites users to give free rein to their own frustration – in the style of the legendary “Space Invaders”, masks and viruses can be shot down and high scores achieved.

Aleco Antoniadis, Co-Founder & Creative Partner at BELLY: “We think it’s okay to be angry in this crisis. That’s totally human. That’s why we simply wanted to give frustration an outlet. We started this initiative, because humor always helps. We portray what many of us are currently thinking and feeling – and combine it with the optimistic message that everything will be fine after all.”

The film can be seen on social platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook

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