Behavioral Segmentation in Digital Advertising

Advertising is one of the most important components that can affect a consumer’s decision.

Today, advertising has evolved into an industry that requires marketers to be constantly aware of customers changes and trends, in order for them to stay relevant in the market.

Consumers nowadays have become more participative; by not just being a passive listener; they seek more information that could influence their decision making through online resources which has now become a compulsory tool for validated information.

In the age of instant gratification, marketers are now dealing with a new range of audiences where they need to reach their potential consumers in a short period of time. 

The final goal is to be able to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. Of course, to fulfill certain expectations based on different kinds of audiences would be the ultimate challenge.

Consumers nowadays go beyond just their gender, age and location in a database. As a marketer, there is a need for us to also understand their behaviours and preferences in order to provide them with the best possible solutions to their problems and enquiries.

By going into segmentation and behavioural targeting, marketers can also seize the opportunity to find new potential customers.

For instance, if you’re marketing healthy food products, you can simply target people who are into fitness. Cross segmentation of different audiences can be done in a way, like hitting two birds with one stone. 

Unlike traditional advertising, segmentation in digital advertising also prevents you from wasting your budget on people who have no interest in your product or service. We can be more selective in determining the right audiences for you. 


Introducing Audience+, the latest digital product created by Media Prima Digital (MPD) as an addition to enhance digital ad performance.

Collectively, Media Prima Berhad has over twenty owned websites that include New Straits Times, Harian Metro, Says, OhBulan! and many more.

By January 2019, MPD’s digital assets recorded over 13 million unique visitors on mobile devices, the highest reach among all digital media companies in Malaysia.

By tapping into the visitor behaviour on each website, Audience+ is able to collect and filter data to create high quality audience segments for marketers.

These behaviours may include articles read, content engaged in or purchasing intent.

For instance, if a user frequently visits or engages with parenting content across the MPD network, our system will categorize the user as a parent.

This particular content may be produced from Sirap Limau, a family-focused website, or parenting-related articles in The New Straits Times. 

With a team of data experts that uses market-leading technologies to deliver the best audience data, Audience+ carefully filtered 16 premium first party audience segments for advertisers to choose from.

However, if marketers want to explore beyond the pre-set audience segments, Audience+ is able to create custom segments based on the specific campaign target market.

This is due to the sizeable and dynamic first party data collected and curated across the MPD network.

Advertisers will have the option to reach out to these audiences through multiple prominent display ad units across the MPD network.

However, to ensure optimal performance, Audience+ has a dedicated operations team to manage and maximize campaign potential.

This may be done by optimizing towards top performing websites, audiences, or even creating custom audiences throughout the campaign period. 

Once the campaign has ended, Audience+ will then extract the relevant data and repurpose it to further enhance audience segments for future campaigns.

This is another method to keep the audience pool credible and updated.  For further enquiries, please visit or drop us an email at [email protected].

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