6 reasons why communication reigns supreme in the age of AI

For the second year running, LinkedIn’s Most In-Demand Skills report crowns effective communication as the most sought-after trait in today’s workforce. This should come as no surprise to PR and communications professionals like myself. But with the rise of AI tools like ChatGPT and Copilot, many might wonder: are we facing obsolescence?

Absolutely not. In fact, the AI revolution represents an exciting new chapter, not the end of the story.

1. AI Augments, not Replaces: Tools like Copilot help us refine our messaging, not replace it. They free us from tedious tasks like grammar checks and data retrieval, allowing us to focus on the strategic aspects of communication – crafting compelling narratives, understanding audiences, and building relationships.

2. AI Enhances Efficiency: Imagine a world where meeting notes are automatically generated and shared, ensuring everyone is on the same page. AI tools like Grain do just that, saving valuable time and resources. This newfound efficiency allows us to dive deeper into complex issues and deliver more impactful communication campaigns.

3. AI Bridges the Gap: Remote and hybrid work models present unique communication challenges. AI tools can help overcome these hurdles by facilitating seamless collaboration across platforms and time zones. This ensures everyone feels included and engaged, regardless of their location.

4. AI Embraces Diversity: Effective communication goes beyond clear language. It demands cultural sensitivity and inclusivity. AI can help us tailor our communication to diverse audiences, enabling us to connect with everyone on a deeper level.

5. AI is Not a Silver Bullet: While AI offers valuable assistance, it can’t replicate the human touch. Our ability to empathize, navigate complex emotions, and build trust is irreplaceable. These are the very qualities that make PR and communications professionals invaluable assets in any organization.

6. The Future is Collaborative: The future of communication lies in the harmonious collaboration between humans and AI. We, as PR professionals, must embrace these tools, upskill ourselves, and leverage them to become even more strategic, insightful, and impactful communicators.

So, are PR and communications professionals threatened by AI? Not at all. We are the storytellers, the relationship builders, the human face of communication in a technology-driven world. By embracing AI as a powerful tool, we elevate our skills, enhance our impact, and solidify our place as the undisputed champions of communication.

Syed Mohammed Idid is General Manager, Strategic Communications & Stakeholder Engagement at West Coast Expressway (WCE) and also LinkedIn’s Top 100 Business Leadesr to follow in Malaysia.

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