Zee MELT Conference is virtual but learnings are real

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It’s a complex and challenging time for all of us who inhabit this planet. Like all challenges, we can either wilt under the weight of the issue or rise up and meet – and even overcome – the challenges.

Therefore, constrained by coming of a new world order, new norms and new rules, Zee MELT is back to help marketers, brands and business prepare to navigate these uncharted waters. 

This year, Zee MELT has reinvented, moving from an on-ground conference on to a vibrant, virtual & global conference – connecting delegates to the worlds most influential names in our effort to connect meaningfully with consumers and deliver sustained growth for brands and businesses. 

Kyoorius has been cognisant of the economic realties today and has ensured that the pricing for the 2020 event is at an accessible price for all at US$39 without any gimmicks or price increases.

This year, Kyoorius will deliver the conference without boundaries to professionals around the world – with live session conveniently planned for attendees from Europe, Africa, South Asia, South East Asia China and Australia – while recorded content can be viewed by delegated from around the world. 

All signed up delegates will hear from legends such as Chuck Porter, Rory Sutherland, Sir Martin Sorrell, Vikki Ross, Fernando Machado, Beth Ann Kaminkow, Laura Jordan Bambach and many more.

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