Under the Radar Advertising

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Some years ago, McDonald’s got hold of a ton of flower seeds which are extremely rare in California.

They planted a giant M Sign on a hill next to the side of a highway. No one was told about the ploy and no one knew until the famous Golden Arches grew.

This McDonald’s ad has more staying power than any regular billboard because it’s actually illegal to remove. 

The sign is the result of a seed bombing where the shape of the famous golden arches is made up of yellow California Poppies. 

Designed by Sean Click, the McDonald’s logo looks like it’ll be there a long time since the poppies are illegal to pluck or cut in the state of California.

The planted ad is innovative, fun and cost effective, while the poppy is a protected state flower. And McDonald’s got a free advertisement from environmental graffiti through eco-advertising.

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