Tourism poster becomes the butt of jokes

In your opinion, how welcoming can a tourism poster be? In the case of Kansas City, extremely.

The poster was supposedly created by the Visit KC tourism body in Kansas City in the US, ahead of National Travel and Tourism Week.

It included the fateful words: “Did you know? Kansas City welcomes 25 million visitors anally.”

The image was uploaded to Twitter by a popular Twitter parody account named You Had One Job and immediately garnered plenty of retweets before making its way onto Facebook.

Unfortunately for fans of amusing typos, this misspelling wasn’t the result of careless proofreading or the handiwork of a disgruntled employee, but rather a prankster with a gift for digital editing.

The VisitKC Twitter account posted an image showing the original sign and remarked that the photograph had been doctored.

The altered photo faced quite a bit of backlash too.

Others said they had been angered by the forgery, including Twitter user Eric Price who described the hoax as “disappointing”.

“That’s disappointing. Hey, @_youhadonejob1, I like your Twitter feed, but altering a pic to make it look like KC tourism messed up isn’t cool.

Plus, the humour disappears if I suspect your pics are fake. Please consider removing this pic and not using fake ones anymore.”

But despite the backlash, social media users still jumped at the chance to share plenty of puns and jokes at poor Kansas City’s expense.

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