Prashant goes from utopia to Entropia!

( – Prashant Kumar, former President of IPG Mediabrands in Asia world markets and CEO of IPG Mediabrands Malaysia, is going to lead an experimental marketing services consultancy called Entropia, now in its Beta phase and slated to launch in Malaysia in July.

Entropia – a hybrid name joining Entropy and Utopia – denotes the movement from disorder to order.

“The advent of deep data and marketing technology has caused massive chaos and complexity in the marketing ecosystem.

“However no one has the final answer to what the right way out should be,” said Prashant Kumar, now Senior Partner at Entropia.

Speaking to MARKETING magazine he adds, “Entropia started from a white sheet and seeks to reconceive what the marketing of the future could be like, by playing with different models, skills mix, structures and processes. In all humility, we don’t claim we have found the God particle. It’s just going to be a very honest, unattached and interesting exploration.”

Zuraida Mohamad, Chair of Entropia, commented, “If you look at how Accenture, Deloitte and McKinsey are approaching this space, you realize that they bring industrial size left brain analytics.

“The likes of Adobe, and Salesforce are focusing on automation and owning the technology default. Agencies tend to be skewed towards the right brain with a sprinkling of research and inventory play. But each one of these sectors are weighed down by legacy engagement models.”

She continues, “We hope to bring to the play an agile, hybrid and ecosystem approach, which is native to the digital age – made for the future.

“We also hope to break a few norms, call a spade a spade, even if at the risk of being wrong!”

“Brand marketing has become a bit of a pain for society over last few decades.

“The marketing industry regularly intrudes on people’s lives, wastes their time by being irrelevant, often exaggerates till its shallow and plastic, and it can be boring. “

Prashant explains, “Brands must enhance human happiness. So must data and technology. In the age of anticipatory data, creative prototyping and curative technology, there is a historic opportunity to be different.

“Entropia hopes to chance upon ways we can do that – with consistency and scale.”

“Entropia is in discussions with different data and tech players, content producers, marketers, talent and thought leaders towards that, while engaging a team of like-minded leaders from deep and diverse skills to think up new ways of doing things.”

“It has to begin from pure, humble and playful curiosity – and we are doing just that. And it’s good fun,” before adding his trademark smile.

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