NIVEA shines in Malay market and wins Gold at APPIES

Astro uses sway of Korean Dramas over Malay audiences to help launch new NIVEA Extra White Body Lotion.

The whitening skin lotion market in Malaysia is characterised by a Malay skew and NIVEA’s competitor Vaseline has greater penetration. NIVEA faced the task of making its whitening body lotion brand deepen its association with Malay consumers and lift market share. To achieve this, NIVEA collaborated with Astro on the unique and very popular Korean drama genre, which is a great hook for Malay women and Malaysians.
The message was: Extra fairness plus Glowing equals to Radiant. NIVEA’s immediate aim was to win the space and close the gap with its competitor.
– Retain NIVEA’s strong foothold among the Chinese by continuing to drive the efficacy of NIVEA Extra White.
– Recruit lapsed Malay users with emotional benefits riding on the key message of ‘Light Up (yourself) From Deep Within, For Radiance (confidence) Beyond Physical Beauty’.
Key Challenge
NIVEA was trying to break away from superficial fairness and wanted to place emphasis on both outer and inner radiance that gives women real confidence.
The brand had to connect with Malay women who garner bigger share as consumers of skin whitening lotion products – Malay women took up 57% share in this category.
To recruit lapsed Malay users, NIVEA needed to communicate the emotional benefits along with the product’s functional values.
Strategic Route & Idea
Astro was launching its first-ever adoption of a Korean drama with the Malay audiences’ fondness for K-dramas in mind.
NIVEA wanted to highlight its new variant – NIVEA Extra White Body Lotion.
Astro proposed NIVEA to come on board and sponsor the drama, ‘MY Coffee Prince’ adapted from the Korean drama ‘Coffee Prince.’
With Korean drama `Coffee Prince’ and associating the passion of beauty products’ among Koreans, `MY Coffee Prince’ was a good match for integration into the campaign.
To win Malay women’s hearts, Astro created a strategy to “Turn NIVEA into a K-drama Star”, by integrating NIVEA into the lives of top Malay celebrities, activated by My Coffee Prince.

‘My Coffee Prince’ is a love story between Dani & Raikal. For the love to bloom, Dani decided to transform herself. NIVEA played an important role to boost Dani’s self-acceptance and helped her glow beyond physical beauty. NIVEA was integrated into the storyline strategically using the insights, like “Mum gives the best advice”.
By the end of the campaign, NIVEA took over the #1 position in major retail outlet (Retailer T) immediately after ‘Coffee Prince’ went on air. The tremendous results were closely attributed to the high engagement generated from My Coffee Prince, extended by massive marketing activation and social media campaigns.
The show garnered more than 7.2 million TV viewers, reached out to over 75% of Malay female audience. It topped the weekly TV chart with 1.75 million average rating. There were 38 million average weekly social media reach with 6.2 million views across Astro Gempak platforms.
This winning campaign was the result of the collaboration between NIVEA, OMD, and Astro.
The campaign also won a Gold award at APPIES Malaysia Marketing Awards 2108 recently… Astro and NIVEA take home Gold for their Nivea campaign at APPIES Malaysia 2018.

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