Nike dominates Women’s World Cup social media game

According to The Drum, Nike is leading the conversation around the US’s current success in the world of women’s soccer after the team cinched its fourth World Cup title, as was revealed by a study from international social media analytics firm Talkwalker.

In the Women’s World Soccer brand contest, Nike had 51.3% share of voice in the last 30 days – its last ad, shared via tweet, celebrating the US women’s team’s victory earned a cumulative 323,000 shares and likes from 20.5 million views.

The ad, a black and white, minute-long compilation of the women’s team, is voiced over with the ‘I Believe That We Will Win’ chant and a speech celebrating the shattering of the glass ceiling through this triumph. The video ends with Nike’s tag line, “This team wins. Everyone wins.

Following the initial sharing, the brand was among the top trending with 167,370 results and surpassed the engagement of NBC News’ announcement (103,000 likes and shares) of the victory by more than triple.

Source: The Drum

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