Meeting Etiquette 101 aka Behave Baby

Meeting Etiquette 101
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Sunday’s over. Vasuki had just finished re-living the best moments of her weekend over her morning cup as she walked into her home office for the daily team meeting.

Laptop fired up, pop went the zoom weasel and there they were! Big brother Vishnu, even bigger sister Ruby, foghorn man Jarrod, new hamlet Raihan and…groggy Sandesh (Mondays he hates, more than vegan fries).

Things kicked off with the usual blah blah blahs and then Vasuki started placing some queries to the group about a current project. She had a question, but what good is a question without context? So happy-go-lucky she went providing context and before she knew it, the groggy boy lashed at her saying “What the *beep* is your question?”

Pin drop silence in the Zoom, except for hamlet jr. Raihan giggling despite the others’ surprise. The shocked Vasuki went on to finish explaining her context when down came another thunder from, you guessed right if you guessed groggy Sandesh, “Okay shut up, get to your question”, and more giggles from Raihan.

Sandesh was immediately called out for his disproportionate behavior by Ruby, followed by Jarrod who not only addressed the fact that there is no place for profanity in a professional setting, but also that it’s not a laughing matter.

Instant butterfly effect, Sandesh apologized for his behavior and in followed Raihan, who wasn’t giggling anymore. Thank goodness Sandesh didn’t pass any sexist remarks, or else today he’d have been hearing from Vasuki’s lawyer for breakfast.

The whole story you just read was part of an act to give you the context of how important it is to be at your best behavior at a meeting, or any professional setting. And if it’s being recorded, make sure you WAKE UP System of a Down style.

A professional setting is a formal space, it not only brings employees together to discuss business and help a company grow, but it’s also a place where everyone needs to respect each other, have patience and treat each other the right way, ergo foster and engage in a fruitful discussion.

If anyone in any given company has a bullying tendency and does it to their peers and subordinates, one instance of ill behavior should be enough for a company to call the bully out and give them a proper warning.

Technological advancement along with the opportunity of working from home doesn’t negate the importance of maintaining proper professional etiquette. This is 2021, not only people are more aware of the do’s and don’ts of behavior at the office, they also know their rights to be treated right at any setting, especially a professional one.

Discrimination, bullying, and lashing out – these things are considered fashionable by oppressors, we should think about these things very seriously and make sure we don’t belong to that “eww gross” category.

If you are being bullied by someone at work, please communicate with your peers, HR, and the management of your company to address it. If that doesn’t help, you have your new favorite parody actors group in town and you know where we are *wink*.

Stay blessed, stay home, stay safe.

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