Malaysia’s next big English KOL – HITZ

Using key-opinion leaders (KOLs) to promote products and services is becoming increasingly popular amongst marketers today. This is due to their authenticity and ability to drive conversations and spark word-of-mouth.

Interestingly, these are the same qualities that Radio has. Research[1] shows that Radio is considered the most authentic and trustworthy platform amongst Malaysians.

Source: 2018 GfK Radio Insights Malaysia

Take HITZ, for instance. It has diversified and is now not only the No. 1 English radio brand in Malaysia, but also has over 2.1 million social media followers and an average of 1.6 million monthly video views[2].

Radio brands are inherently personal and conversational in nature. Those that have successfully extended their brands digitally and built online communities – such as HITZ – are ideal partners for advertisers looking to engage with people across multiple platforms.

So if you’re looking to connect with English-speaking Malaysians you should definitely look at including HITZ in your marketing mix.

[1] Source: 2018 GfK Radio Insights Malaysia

[2] Jan – Apr 2019, Average video views (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)

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