It's A Wonda(ful) Kopi Tarik


( – Most of us have this love-relationship with the Kopi Tarik or even the Teh Tarik, served under the shady branches of a huge tree in the neighbourhood. Often this was a meeting place until late at night for the young and the older.

But now this favourite drink comes in a can!!!! Yes, it’s the Wonda Kopi Tarik ads that have hit our home screens. How did it come about? Marketing Magazine spoke to Santharuban Sundaram – Group Marketing Manager, Permanis Sandilands Sdn Bhd.

“The Wonda Kopi Tarik is our first line extension launch to the existing stable of Wonda Coffee since the brand was launched in 2013. We are very confident with the taste and quality of the product as a lot of effort and emphasis were placed behind ensuring that Wonda Kopi Tarik was produced at the highest standards, best quality and delivering the taste that Malaysians yearns for, and we want to ensure that consumers are aware of it and will try the Kopi Tarik, which in turn, will have them hooked to it. We wanted to launch it with a 360 degree campaign in a big way, and as always we strive to find ways in ensuring the launch brings about the kind of impact that makes consumers aware of the brand and drive them to try it.

“We worked hand in hand with the creative agency, media agency as well as the media owners to find the best possible way to do this and to extend the usage of every touch points that we bought into. We rolled out our TVC, Print Campaign and soon our Digital and OOH will follow suit. From a creative standpoint we decided the best way to bring this message out was by focusing on the TARIK proposition, one that every Malaysian is familiar with. We wanted Malaysians to know that they don’t have to go through great lengths for a perfect Kopi Tarik as it is now available at their convenience in a ‘pick me up can’ format.

“We took about 5 months in total, in terms of planning and execution with our creative agency M&C Saatchi. The STAR also played a vital role in working hand in hand with us in making this creative buy, work. We have a few more versions of the WOnda Kopi Tarik creative ads that will be rolled out in the coming weeks to keep the excitement and awareness of the launch. All these ads will continue to try and bring out the message of TARIK-ing with one of it presenting a ‘premium’ item that the readers of The Star can retain. “


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