How some brands are getting captive visibility in ‘interim’ times

screenshot from KiniTV Youtube

Look, you can stop pretending to be working on the excel sheet or word document you have open. We can all empathize that you can’t stop refreshing for news updates regarding the on-going political uncertainty that befell our country since Sunday. 

While some of us have been engaging in passionate office chatters, discussing potential outcomes and arguing the case for their own ideal government, some brands have been gaining some valuable visibility because of our beloved Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah’s generosity in treating the media standing in the sweltering heat with his kindness.

On Monday, His Excellency treated the journalists and the television crews camped outside the palace to a free KFC lunch as they stood vigil at the gates under the scorching sun to deliver updates to the public. 

The news of the Agong’s actions immediately travelled through social media and within seconds there were tons of photos online of reporters and camera persons taking a bite into crispy fried chicken and scooping mashed potatoes into their mouths. 

Watch the full video of brands camped outside of the royal palace at:

Naturally, other brands saw this as an opportunity and followed suit as McDonald’s became the menu for Tuesday’s lunch and brands such as Milo, Saji and Shell brought in their trucks or made appearances at the scene outside of the palace; passing around food and drinks to the reporters present. 

In unique times like this, as brands are staying neutral by not taking sides and avoiding being affiliated with a certain political party, they have found a thin line – the royal line. 

Based on the online sentiments, this seems to be the case. Without missing out on the opportunity to increase brand awareness, these brands are maintaining a fine balancing act by staying neutral in the process. 

Today, the Comptroller of the royal family and household Ahmad Fadil Shamsuddin, representing the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, handed over lunch meals of tempoyak ikan patin Pahang to media members outside of Gate 2 of the palace.

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